Album Credits

Lead and Backing Vocals Adesuwa  Obaseki Bullen

Hugh Bullen

Kasia Perring

Janice Hoyt.

Glecia McGhie

Hugh Bullen  (Lead Vocals) on (the Other Side of Town)

Horns John Terrif

Tony Latkin

Mike Gingold

Colin Graham

Flute John Terrif

All horns arranged by Hugh Bullen

Hugh   Bullen       Piano

Kelvin Bullen      Guitar

Trevor Watkis     Piano

TJ Johnson          Guitar

Dave Okumu       Guitar

Sony   Akpan      Conga

Michael Smith     Drums

Hugh Bullen        Bass

Hugh Bullen        Guitar

Strings Arranged and played by Hugh Bullen

Drum roll at end of ‘The Universe Will Send Him to Me’ was played by Nick Marangoni

Second time around was co – produced by Jimmy Haynes

Thanks to Christoph Bracher for all his Technical help and for the excellent recording of the Drums.

Special thank you to Jennifer Jackman – Hair Dresser

And Gloria Elizee – Photographer

Francesca Obaseki for all her support

Produced By (Hugh Bullen) And  (Adesuwa Obaseki Bullen)

All Songs Written By (Adesuwa Obaseki Bullen) and (Hugh Bullen)