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8th September 2009

September 8, 2009 by  

Hugh and I had started writing together in 1996 the accomplishment was the Free Spirit album; we were also performing in clubs and doing well. However during the process of connecting with other people in the music business who showed a great interest in our work, took copies and used it for there own intensions, all seemed to be lost.

At the time I had became depressed, confused, very upset and no longer trusted anybody. It was painful all our years of hard work seemed lost, however I held on to the vision and dream that had been planted in me, went on my knees and prayed. Although I was a Christian but not born again, i had been brought up in a home were

prayer was the answer to every situation you faced. My mum was so concerned that she invited Hugh and i to a Pentecostal revival night, which was the beginning of changes in both our life’s. I came out delivered and set free form depression, no longer feeling so defeated and everything else. I was on fire for GOD and my

warrior spirit had returned. I prayed for guidance to attend a church where I could spiritually grow in the LORD. Hugh also decided to follow me to church, together we talked to GOD and put every area of our lives before HIM in prayer and confessed HIS words upon our lives. We also prayed a lot for our families and friends some of whom are know saved and we prayed for each other. We have watched miracles happen in our lives, THANKS BE TO GOD. My trust is in HIM always and not in man. After becoming born again, our intimacy with GOD had increased and we both felt encouraged to write again, but this time we prayed for the LORD TO ORDER OUR STEPS.

Several of the songs were taken from our first album “Free Spirit” which I was inspired to rewrite. If you stand in faith and keep on praying the LORD will always turn situations around for his glory.

During the process of creating the Great Miracles album major changes took place in our personal life’s which has all been good. The greatest blessing was the birth of our son, Joshua.

I spent time doing a D.J. course and an introduction to radio presenting which I thoroughly enjoyed.

During the process of building up and completing our recoding studio, which took several years to establish our business, we have spent time in producing different artists. With a free consultation for all artists, we ensured that each person reached the full potential of there GOD given talent. When needed vocal lessons and music business advice was also given. It has been great working with other singers, musicians, choirs.

Whilst I have not been focused on our personal recordings, i have spent a great deal of time with our son. However we have been performing some of the songs from the Great Miracles album at various church conferences and venues.

We are now producing our second album which is more up beat and we are preparing to do more shows for the promotion of the Great Miracles album.

I will be keeping you informed on my website on all performances and our journey in fulfilling the vision set before us.

Keep in touch and stay blessed