hughAt the age of fifteen Hugh Bullen join the (soul Trinity) as a Bass player with his brother Kelvin Bullen on lead guitar, They also had Jam sessions with Mike Oldfield that lived not far from them in (Reading Berkshire) England
They also supported Cream – Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce as well as famously supporting The Jimi Hendrix Experience at The Corn Exchange, Chelmsford 1967. See video below:

They also Supported (John Myles’ Blues Band),and(Graham Bond)and many other bands from the late 60’s and 70’s
After the soul Trinity, Hugh Bullen and his brother Kelvin Bullen became the rhythm section for top London Band the Tonics. In 1968 which supported (Aretha Franklin) at the Hammersmith Odeon London. After the Tonics Hugh Bullen performed with American Soul star Herby Goins and the Nightimers, who while on tour in Italy was ask to play bass for Italian Soul super star ( Wess and the Aidales). that were Living in Rome, Hugh Bullen stayed in Italy for a number of years becoming one of the countries most popular Musicians.

And played Bass with top Italian artists:

Lucio Battisti


Antonello Vendeti

Eugenio Finardi

Alberto Camerini

Lucio Fabbri and many others

Hugh also did some electronic disco dance tracks that were very successful

And an Album entitled Feeling produced by Cloudio Fabi

In 1979 Hugh Bullen came back to London and was ask to join Famous Latin Funk band Gonzalez They had an international hit (I Haven’T Stopped Dancing Yet )